• Super-Simple Backend for Angular
    Backand allows you to focus
    on your Angular app while removing
    server side and hosting hassles.
    Even bring your own database.

    Backand, a fully loaded
    backend for Angular
    apps, removes the
    server side hassle.

    It’s free, no credit card required

Backend-as-a-Service for Angular

Hack in AngularJS

Get a fully-functional backend via

Bring your own Amazon RDS

Create Angular apps in minutes

Simplify Code with Backand's Angular ORM

Simple Angular code, already mapping your database into objects, gives you control over your database schema and management of media files. And of course, you still get CRUD functionality, paging, filter and sort.


With a rich set of features baked in, the Backand service, via its REST API, makes it easy to customize security, create server-side actions and webhooks, auditing logging and notifications.

Connect to Any Database

Backand seamlessly connects to cloud databases including Amazon RDS and Azure.
By signing up to Backand you get free database.

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It's free, no credit card required.