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Working with Backand has given us the ability to accelerate the release of new versions and integrations, so that we can compete with formidable competitors such as Zillow and Trulia. We can now push out new features almost continuously. Read More

The Community Loves Backand.

"Back& Turns the Average Joe Developer into a Serverless Super Hero"

Torsten Volk, EMA Blogs

"I’ve never in my life set up any kind of “database” for any application that quickly!"

Rob Seder, Software Developer

"I’m liking the security services A LOT. Big time saver."

Kelvin King, CEO, StrategyAxis

"Perfect recipe for building mobile apps with Angularjs, Ionic and Backand."

Jeremy Likness, Director App Dev, IVision

"I made a functional Android app with Ionic Framework and Backand in 5 hours! MAGIC."

Kristijan Ristovski, Developer

"Backand, the ultimate backend service for Angular applications."

Antonio J, iProfs Technology Blog

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