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Organizations use Backand serverless cloud platform to quickly build, run, and scale AWS-based applications

Every business process - big or small - is backed by information systems. This creates a constantly-growing list of requirements for IT that usually exceed its capacity. Backand address this shortfall by handling the heavy lifting of setting up AWS-based servers, enforcing security, seamlessly integrating with an organization's ecosystem, and even providing a broad range of cross-platform templates to further accelerate the development process.

Using Backand, developers rapidly build and run enterprise-grade serverless applications tailored to established business processes, allowing the organization to adopt a Severless AWS-based architecture while only paying for resources consumed.

Enterprise-Grade Security

We use industry-standard security technologies and best practices to help protect your information from unauthorized access or use. Our protocols easily integrate with enterprise-grade security ecosystems.

Seamless Third-Party Integration

Out-of-the-box integrations with ERP, CRM and other popular software and cloud services, such as AWS, and Microsoft Office 365.


Accelerate app time-to-market with our pre-configured data models, or create your own using JavaScript. Additionally, you can integrate our SDK with a cross-platform tool to quickly add mobile capability to your app.

Enhanced Support SLAs

We provide enterprise support and a dedicated account engineer to help you deploy and maintain your backend.

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