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Server-Side Logic with AWS Lambda

Create sophisticated AWS Lambda functions to drive your server-side actions. Use triggers and on-demand function execution to send emails, execute SQL scripts, or integrate with third parties.

Security & User Management

Backand provides a rich set of out-of-the-box security and user management features, including social login, email verification, and Active Directory integration. Create role-based and individual user level permissions for your app and for your AWS Lambda functions.

Integration to 3rd-party services

Want to charge using Paypal, enable Facebook login or send email with MailChimp? No problem. Backand is pre-integrated with popular 3rd-party systems (full list) and provides webhooks so you can integrate your own.

Seamless Scalability With EC2

Backand is built on top of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), which allows you to grow effortlessly from prototype to large-scale production. AWS scales every element of your backend, including the database, in a way that is completely transparent to you.

On-Demand Execution with AWS Lambda

Backand gives you an easy-to-use interface on top of AWS Lambda, allowing you to only use the computing resources that you need. Your server-side functionality will be scalable, secure, and always available. You can also connect your own AWS account, so that you can incorporate all of your Lambda functions under one security scheme.

Hosting On Amazon S3

Backand leverages Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) to fully host and manage your application in the AWS cloud. All of your application code and files, server-side code, and database storage are available in the AWS ecosystem, and fully managed and maintained. With Backand, you will never worry about hosting again.

Transactional Lambda Triggers

Backand gives you the power to link your SQL database with your AWS Lambda functions, triggering Lambda calls when actions are taken in your app’s private RDS Instance. You can easily debug and deploy your database-triggered actions using our CLI.

REST API for the Database

Backand automatically generates a REST API for any database, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server and Oracle. You can easily create a new database or connect an existing one. Work with JSON models, complex as you like, and let Backand add or edit the data for you.

Advanced Data Models

Backand lets you create sophisticated data models with a single click, including parent-child relationships, many-to-many and other models. You can create or change the database schema using a simple JSON file.


Ionic Integration

Using Backand for the back-end and Ionic for the front-end creates the ultimate stack for developing hybrid mobile apps. Try it with the pre-built Ionic+Backand starter.

Mobile App Features

In addition to Ionic support, Backand enables easy push notifications, location-based services and integration with PhoneGap, to name a just a few features that speed up mobile app development.

Real-Time Communication

Backand’s Real-Time Database Communication enables instant updates to charts, counters, logs, and other data-driven elements – all without a callback to the server. And it’s completely secure, with SSL encryption and total control over data access based on authorized roles.